Andrew serves as the lead pastor of Mercy Hill Church in the Triad region of NC. Mercy Hill was launched in 2012 and by God’s grace has seen rapid growth. Already the church has been among the fastest growing churches in the nation and has made the transition to multisite. In response to growth Andrew always says, “we praise God and pray for more.” Mercy Hill is centered on the Gospel and has a radical commitment to the nations. Its desire is to reach the lost here and send them to reach the lost there.

Andrew grew up in a Christian home in Middleburg, FL and became a believer at a young age under the leadership of his parents. He was raised in a small but strong church that confirmed his giftings at every stage of development. Andrew attended North Greenville University in order to play football and hone his ability to preach and lead.

At NGU, he was given the biggest blessing of his life in meeting and marrying a Godly woman. Andrew and Anna were married in 2005. They now have 3 children and are looking forward to adopting in the coming years. The family is committed to being outside and desire to have a “culture of adventure.” Their home in the Greensboro area is a bit of a hobby farm. If you come for a visit don’t be surprised to hear the rooster crow or be greeted at the fence by the horses.

Andrew and Anna were both shaped for ministry largely by their experience at the Summit Church in RDU. In all, Andrew spent 5 years at the Summit in varying capacities while earning his Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern. Before leaving the Summit to plant Mercy Hill, Andrew was serving as a campus pastor under his friend and mentor JD Greear. The impact JD and the Summit had on his life cannot be overestimated. In fact, Andrew’s desire to plant a church came directly from the Summit’s vision to plant 1000 churches in a generation. Andrew carries that DNA and champions it at Mercy Hill; Mercy Hill has a vision to multiply.

Mercy Hill Church Lead Pastor Andrew Hopper - Hopper Family


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As a noun, “focus” refers to the central point of attention. As a verb, “to focus” means to converge on a central point. Focus, then, is the ability to zero in on what is most important and to see it with crystal clarity. At Mercy Hill, we want folks on our team who have an immense sense of focus…READ MORE

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Working at Mercy Hill requires being a self-starter. We define a self-starter as someone who has an internal drive to do an excellent job. The driving factor is something internal not external. In other words, a self-starter rarely if ever must be pushed to work more or try harder. Rather, self-starters are routinely reined in by those…READ MORE