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4 Things We Still Need from You for Kids Week

We can’t believe Kids Week is less than a week away! The pool noodles, Goldfish, and name tags are all getting put in place as we are expecting hundreds of kids to join us for a great week learning about the Magnificent One. You definitely don’t want to miss the kids’ trip to Tumbleweed Town […]

Defining the Church: What or Who?

As we have begun a sermon series Healthy Church, I thought it might be good to define what a church is, especially because the New Testament definition of church has been obscured in modern times by differing notions. The South is often described as having a church on every corner. Drive any length of time […]

City Project Story: Patrick Anderson

Mercy Hill, this story is a story of how City Project has affected the life and ministry of just one individual, but there are a lot of stories just like this that have come out of people’s time in City Project. Your generosity is a tool in the hands of God to transform lives and […]

Never Fear; We Have To Get Those Kids Here

Wow—Kids Week! Such an exciting time! I feel like folks think of vacation bible school (VBS) as another summer camp to keep their kids happy and entertained during the long summer days. And that is true in many ways. It’s a break, and we feel good that they are hearing about Jesus and getting snacks […]

Short-term Mission Trips Have Pitfalls: How We Avoid Them

When it comes to short-term missions, a driving conviction we hold to is to do short-term trips with the long-term in view. Helping Without Hurting The rise of short-term “mission” trips—whereby team members pack a suitcase full of peanut butter and don matching t-shirts through the airport in route to serve people of a different […]

Reminding God in Prayer: Recounting His Works and Promises

Remember the days when you were a hopeful kid, and you took every promise made by an adult as unbreakable law? Their promise was your assurance and every time a promise was broken your hope turned to both disappointment and cries of “But you said! You said!” We were heartbroken and every promise after was […]