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Divided by Our Differences, United in Our Need

Have you ever seen the sign above before? I pass it all the time. For most, this sign is forgettable, easily overlooked, and mundane. But for me it is deeply symbolic and a sobering reminder. You see, when I look at this sign I can’t help but see a message behind the message. The intended message […]

A Step that will Change Your Life

There is a famous Chinese proverb attributed to philosopher Lao Tzu that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Although I had heard this many times before, the meaning of this saying has become more real to me in the past two months. At Christmas I received a gift that […]

Don’t Tell a Lame Story

In his book, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity, Reggie Joiner recounts the story of a father who was experiencing the difficulty of raising a rebellious 16-year-old girl. Exasperated in his attempts to try and correct the misaligned behavior, the father went to his pastor to seek out some advice. The father recounted his many attempts at […]

A Religion of Refugees

Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to sit down for dinner with a family of refugees who escaped a very serious and heart breaking experience in western Africa. By God’s sovereign direction, they were able to flee from their terrible circumstances and seek refuge in the United States. Over the course of our […]

A Peek Behind the Curtain Part 3: Excellent and Dependent

The values of an organization are the traits and beliefs that make it what it is. At Mercy Hill the values for our staff team are communicated in tensions because any value in isolation can be destructive. For example, independence is a good thing unless you are so independent that you can’t work on a […]

From Death to Life: Katie’s Story

Baptism is one of the ordinances that Jesus gave to the church. The good news of Jesus’ death on our behalf and his resurrection that gives us hope over death are not just things that we merely believe. They are historical facts that demand action. When Jesus calls us to repent and follow him, we […]

Thursday Nights

This week Mercy Hill is launching a Thursday Night worship experience! Our staff team is excited to provide this opportunity and kick off the weekend on Thursday nights. Thursday Night will be the first service of the weekend. It will have full kids programming and match the Sunday service in every way. Here are a […]

Love Creates

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mercy Hill. I’m sure some of us are floating six inches off the ground today over the greatness of our romantic relationships, while others are slumped over about six inches in disgust over everyone else’s happiness. Both of these attitudes point to problems with our views on what weight relationships should carry […]

A Thursday Service, Really?

Yes, really. There are many good reasons for it. When you think about it, there are many jobs, especially in the health and services industries, that require an occasional Sunday shift. Nursing, law-enforcement, restaurants, fire departments, retail, etc. People that have these types of jobs either can’t come every Sunday or can’t come on Sunday […]

Missions Expo 2017

The task of making disciples of all nations is not reserved for an elite few but is the task of the entire church. Every believer has a role to play in the mission of God. As we see in Acts 13, it is the role of the church to call out and send faithful messengers […]