The Bible says in Psalm 78, “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.”  All throughout Scripture, parents are given the responsibility to pass on the gospel story to their children.

What story is your family telling?  What is the overarching story that your kids are seeing played out in your home?  How are you creating opportunities for these grand stories of God’s work to be told?  Based on your familial habits what story do your children see as important?

It’s our desire as the church to come alongside of you and help you answer those questions in a way that reflects the Bible’s call on our life as parents.  The following is meant to be a tool to help you, as the parent, develop healthy habits for family discipleship.  As you think about the various facets of the Christian life – it’s our hope to provide suggestions, resources, and a guide to find what fits best for leading your family in each of those areas.

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If you were to ask any parent if they wanted to parent well, the obvious answer is going to be yes, but the next question usually is about how we do that. Many of us have the desire, but often we don’t know where to begin. We want to help you by providing resources to equip you in effective parenting. We’ve broken these blogs, books, and videos down into sections so that you may choose what is relevant to your family and the stage of life that your kids are in. Please click the images below for a list of relevant resources. If there are areas that you would like more information about, or are not listed on this page, feel free to email us.

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In the busyness of life, we often want to train our kids to become disciples, but either struggle to find the time or aren’t sure exactly what it looks like to train kids in the Bible. We understand that this is something that we want to excel at, so that our kids are equipped to live out the gospel through their childhood and into their adult life. In light of this, we are providing a basic framework for doing family devotions. Though it may be difficult to start, through consistently viewing the Bible as a family, we make it a priority for our lives, and will definitely see the results in our families, as we live out the gospel. Please click the images below for a list of relevant resources.

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Each week while you hear the sermon, your kids are learning about the Gospel as well! We want to equip you to have Gospel-centered conversations with your kids on a weekly basis. The Kids Guide will help you each week to engage your child about what God is teaching them, and create a time for your family to grow together around the Gospel.

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Go or Send!

This week Cam Triggs spoke about how Jesus’ salvation leads us to tough places. He mentioned that a mistake we often make is misreading the good news of what Jesus has done for us and making the story all about ourselves. But we know that God is so much bigger and better than we could ever be! All of history tells God’s story – it’s all about Him! However, we do get to play an important part in it. As we study together this week, lets pray for an understanding of our role in God’s story and the boldness to carry out His call on our lives.

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Send Others!

The Great Commission is Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations. The Great Commission is not only how we heard the gospel, but also how we respond to it, by sharing it with others! Two parts of fulfilling the Great Commission are going and sending. Sending can be done joyfully by donating money toward, praying for, and/or encouraging “the goers!”

This week, as we focus on sending, have each member of your family write a card/letter of encouragement to the Grace Alive Church Plant Team. Also, commit to praying for these people in your family prayer time and throughout the week. You may bring in your letters next Sunday, February 19th and hand them to any MH Kids staff member. We will distribute the letters to the various members of Mercy Hill who have committed to go and help plant Grace Alive in Orlando, Florida.


7 How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!

8 The watchmen shout and sing with joy, for before their very eyes they see the Lord returning to Jerusalem. 

9 Let the ruins of Jerusalem break into joyful song, for the Lord has comforted his people. He has redeemed Jerusalem.

10 The Lord has demonstrated his holy power before the eyes of all the nations. All the ends of the earth will see the victory of our God.

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These questions are designed to help students learn about the Bible story or passage you just read with them. Use them at dinnertime or in the car to talk about what you’re learning in community group, or find a specific time for your whole family to work through these questions together.

Why did the watchmen shout and sing with joy? (check out v.8)

The watchmen saw that the Lord was returning to rescue the people of Jerusalem. The people had been in an abandoned city and had little hope of salvation. The messengers came to tell them that The Lord was coming to save them from slavery. They were so excited when they found out that they sang songs and worshipped God!

Who was a “sender” in this story and who was a “goer?”

The people of the city were the “senders.” They saw the coming messenger and got excited! Once they heard the news that the Lord was coming to save them, they worshiped, spread it locally, and got ready for Him. Then they joyfully sent messengers to carry the good news to others who had not heard it. These messengers were the “goers.” They had a great role in God’s story! Today, like these messengers, churches send missionaries and church-planters to go and tell others of the great news that Jesus is coming!

The Lord redeemed Jerusalem from slavery. How has He redeemed us?

Redeemed means “to be bought back.” Jesus tells us in John 8:34 that everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Yet, while we were slaves, Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross to pay for  our sins, paying for our debt and slavery. Through Him we have been “bought back” and placed into the family of God. Just like the messengers and city people in the Isaiah story, we should be so excited about this news that it pushes us to worship God and tell others about Him!

What are some things in life that prevent us from going or sending the great message of the Gospel? How can we find the boldness to tell others about the good news we have heard about Jesus?

Think about, for instance, the things that make it sometimes hard to tell people about Jesus – things like what your friends might think of you or not knowing the right words to say. These things can be used to keep others from hearing about and loving Jesus. One way we can grow at being senders and goers is by praying and asking God to help us understand and remember all that He has done for us. We can ask him to give us thankful hearts that make us want to tell others, no matter what! Then, we can ask him to help us with our words as we tell others about Jesus. We can also grow in our knowledge of Jesus by reading The Bible every day! This will remind us how much God loves us, which will help us tell others, too.


Each morning this week, focus on and thank God for how the Jesus Christ and the Gospel has impacted your life. (For example, maybe the Gospel has taught you what forgiveness looks like, and now you are able to forgive your brother or sister for something!) Voice these thanksgivings to at least one other person in your family. Let this thankfulness drive you to look for people to tell about what Jesus could do in their lives. This could be a friend at school, a teacher, or a family member!

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Use these prayer points to pray throughout the week and to keep the conversation going about the topic being discussed.  Be open with your child about ways in which you are praying through these issues.


Thank God for offering us peace and salvation from our sins and their punishment by sending Jesus.


Pray for someone you know who needs to hear the gospel, and for the Grace Alive Church Planting team as they “go” to Orlando.


Ask God to show you and your family’s role in His story – to “go and tell,” “stay and send,” or both.

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This week your child learned about the time when Jesus fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. We read this from John 6, but the story can be found in all 4 gospels! (Matthew 14, Mark 6, and Luke 9) This story, as well as the call from Isaiah 52, pushes us toward missions. It challenges us to live with the goal of spreading the gospel! This week’s Big Picture Question was: How can we serve God? (Answer: We can serve God by serving others).

This week’s memory verse only lasts for one week, but it is a great one for your family to know! The verse from this past Sunday was 1 Peter 4:10-11.  Work on helping your child to memorize this verse. Write it on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge or on the mirror in the bathroom. Get creative as you help your child hide God’s word in his/her heart.

Be sure to check out the Gospel Project  curriculum, which we use each week in our kids ministry. It has incredible new features to help make the Bible come alive for the kids and to help equip you as parents to disciple your child at home.  Each week, take advantage of the The Big Picture card that your child brings home.

Mercy Hill Kids Guide - February 12, 2017 - Lamentations 3 - Nehemiah
Mercy Hill Church Kids Ministry - Family Resource Center - Kids Guide


We want to see our children learn to love reading the Bible. Therefore, we’ve laid out a reading plan that goes along with The Gospel Story Bible, by Marty Machowski.  We have these books for sale each week at our Family Resource Center. I would highly encourage your family to pick one up if you do not already have one and follow along in our yearly reading plan.



This week – in The Gospel Story Bible – read story #7– “The Tower of Babel” found on pg. 15. Read this story several times during the week.