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We believe that the Gospel really does change everything. That is why we are committed to Gospel-centered preaching. We believe that true heart change only happens as people begin to see God’s great love for them as seen through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However, in church this doesn’t always translate into the way we teach our kids. It is so much easier to teach children morality with the Bible than to work hard in exposing them to the grand narrative of Scripture. As a church we are committed to giving our children a proper framework for understanding the gospel.

Through building strong relationships with families, we are committed to partnering with parents in cultivating disciples for Christ. It is our desire as a church to see kids realize that the most exciting life he or she can live is a life lived for Christ. While we cannot force the seed that we plant to grow, we desire to join with parents in creating a nurturing environment so the seed of the Gospel has the greatest opportunity to grow.

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Your First Visit

We understand that each week our Kids Team is given the privilege and responsibility of caring for your family. From your first visit we hope to communicate how seriously we take the safety, security, and well-being of your children.

Upon walking into the Kids Space, stop by our First Time Guests counter where a MH Kids team member will help you fill out our online family info form. Next, our team member will walk you through the Kids Space, drop off your kids at their classrooms, and explain what a typical Sunday schedule looks like for each age level. They will then escort you to the Kids Exit and point you to our worship space, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Every volunteer in our Kids Space has been background checked and vetted through an application and training process. We train these volunteers on our safety policies and procedures, working with a security team and on-site police officer each Sunday to uphold them. Our commitment to parents is this: next to your own home, we want MH Kids to be the safest place for your children.

**Special Needs: If your child has special needs, we want to welcome them into MH Kids. We are excited to walk with them as they experience God! Upon your next visit please let a team member know that your child has special needs, and they will hand you a MH Kids Special Needs form. Your child will then be partnered with a team member who will become their “buddy” each Sunday.

You can view and print the Preschool Special Needs form here, and you can view and print the Elementary Special Needs form here.

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As we strive with families to see the Gospel go forth into every home of every family at Mercy Hill, we have established specific milestones. Milestones are tangible expressions of a child’s spiritual maturity and an incredible way for us as a church family to commission, celebrate, and make commitments with one another. Please click on the Parent Commissioning box below to go to the Parent Commissioning page.





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Get Involved

We believe that the Gospel not only changes us but also motivates us to desire change in others. MH Kids is not a daycare service but a training ground for kids to grow up learning to follow Christ. We desire for you to be a part of investing in kids through serving each week in MH Kids: both for the growth of the kids and yourself. As you help uncover the Gospel with the kids and build relationships with them, you will not only see them grow in Christ, but you will find yourself growing too.

We would love for you to join the Kids Team at Mercy Hill! The first step is to join us for the Weekender and learn more about what the church believes. For more information about the Weekender, click here. If you have already been to a Weekender, the following step would be our On-Ramp which you can check out by clicking here.

Wondering how big of an impact Kids Ministry is on both the kids and the team members? Check out this video to see what our kids and leaders have to say about Kids Ministry at Mercy Hill.

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