Life After College (LAC) is the culmination of everything within the Sent Initiative. LAC is an effort to help students leverage the first two years after College for the mission of God. We firmly believe that the first two years after college are strategic in establishing a life centered around disciples-making-disciples. There are three spheres in which LAC seeks to make this happen: locally, nationally and internationally.


Mercy Hill College Residency
The College Residency is a unique opportunity for those students, who upon graduating, desire to invest the next two years of their lives on the College Campus. The college resident will seek to provide a bridge from the local church to a specific college campus in the Triad.  As a laborer to that campus, the college resident will work to understand the campus, engage students, and connect them back to the life and mission of Mercy Hill Church.

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Mercy Hill Church - Two Year College Residency


Joining a Summit Network Church Plant
We love and thoroughly enjoy our college students at Mercy Hill, but the Sent Initiative desires to send every student out with a Summit Network Church Plant. We desire to raise up an army of equipped students who can go and help plant churches around the country.

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Mercy Hill Church Life After College - Triggs Family


Right out of college is the best time to do something crazy! Why not go overseas for two years and share the Gospel with unreached or unengaged people groups? We would love to see students put their career ambitions, among other things, on hold and leverage their first two years out of college to go to difficult places around the world.

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Global Cities Initiative
More than half of the world’s population lives in global urban centers, making cities strategic places for the mission of God. Countless unreached people groups, those who have little to no access to the gospel, live in these cities. You could take your vocation and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God. Would you consider taking 2-years of your life and help plant a church in a global city?

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Mercy Hill Church - Life After College - IMB Global Cities Initiative