What is Route 56?

Route 56, the bridge from Mercy Hill Kids to our 712 student minstry, exists to partner with parents in the discipling of their students during these formative years. We meet weekly on Sunday mornings at both of our campuses. Since discipleship both begins and ends in the home we follow the same passage of scripture as the community group guides to provide opportunities for both the students and parents to grow together as a family though the week. Students are challenged to see how these bible stories that they’ve learned as kids, not only show great character and truth but also apply to their everyday life in a real and personal way.

Meets weekly on Sundays

Regional Campus9:30am & 11:00am
Clifton Road Campus11:00am

Study Scripture

Each week students are challenged to see how the Bible speaks truth into their lives. We challenge the students to take the scripture and think through it during the following week and work through the applications with their families.

Teaching and Small Groups

After the teaching time the students break into small groups, each with a student leader. In these small groups they are presented with discussion questions, which are sent to the parents later that week, and led in prayer by the leaders.

Fun Activities

We know you are busy as a family so we try to have two big activities a semester. We think it’s important for not only the students to have this time but, you as parents to connect with other parents in the same season of life.