Serve the City is all about seeing what God is doing in the cities throughout the United States. We would like you to consider joining up with a Summit Network church plant for your first two years after college. However, we do not expect you to do this sight unseen. We want you to get a taste of what life could be like at a church plant first hand! Join us and see what your first two years after college could look like!

  • When: March 17th – 20th
  • Location: Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC
  • Cost: $150 (covers food, lodging and transportation)
  • Housing: Staying at a Church (pillow and sleeping bag required)
  • What will we be doing? Working alongside our sister church plants, in their respective cities, and serving them through manual labor, child care or any other tasks.
  • Next Steps:
    1. Fill out the Serve The City Application
    2. Email any questions to